March 1, 2016

Services & Fees

Our acupuncture teaching clinic

As the important resource for students and local patients, our teaching clinic integrate the health care and education.

Our friendly and professional teaching clinic is open to the public.

We offer the community a low rate and high effective treatment.

You will be treated by a team of students under the supervision of one of our clinical supervisors.

Together they ensure you receive the highest standards of diagnosis, treatment and patient care.

Our clinical supervisors are all highly experienced and qualified acupuncture practitioners as well as being licensed acupuncturist.

Our clinic intern students

Our clinic intern students are completing their acupuncture practitioner training, studying for a Traditional Chinese Medicine Master Degree. It takes three years of training to qualify as an acupuncturist.

Alongside their study of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, students also study Western medicine.

Your treatment is always supervised by a member of our clinical staff to ensure the highest standards of treatment and care are maintained.

Please check under Service & Fees for details on different levels of clinic.

Patient treatment by professor with intern ————————- $45.00
Patient treatment by students with coupon ————————- $20.00
Patient treatment by licensed acupuncturist specialist ————————- $80.00
Moxibustion ————————- $40.00/45 mins
Chinese Powder Herb ( per week ) ————————- $35.00
Chinese raw herbs ( per bag ) ————————- $10.00

To make an appointment, call (408) 532-5567 or visit 441 De Guigne Dr.  Sunnyvale, CA 94085

Free Clinic* for One Month in Celebration of National TCM Day
(March 18, 2018)
Date: Every Wednesday, Friday, Sunday from 3/21 to 4/11/2018
Time: 9:30am- 12pm
Wednesday: Kevin Yen, L.Ac.
Friday: Yaron Wu, L.Ac.
Sunday: Guozhi Wan, L.Ac.
*New patient, first visit only.
To make an appointment, call (650)940-1688