March 1, 2016

About the Clinic

Teaching Clinics

Clinical training is one of the important procedures of

study inthe school, this will determine if he can serve the

patients wellor not, and as a business, this will determine

if he can surviveor not in the competitive society.

NSU has the particularteaching professors:

  • Enlightening teaching give you the way of correct TCM thinking, instead of imitating;

  • Titanium scanner is an most advanced laser scanner in the world, which provides clear anatomic images of the human body, comes with the energy analysis, enabling the students understand the correlation between illness and symptoms, so that he can make correct diagnosis.

  • Special needing skills which are not in the traditional text books will be applied in the teaching.

  • Special classical and experienced formulae sharing will be added in the teaching.


150 hours      Clinic Observer

300 hours      Pre – Intern

510 hours      Internship

An approved course in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is required prior to the entry-level clinical training. A health examination certificate, a recent (within 12 prior months) tuberculosis (TB) test or chest x-ray are also required before enrolling in the Clinic training courses. Further inquiries on entrance requirements for the Teaching Clinic should be directed to the office of academics affairs.