March 1, 2016


The mission of Nine Star University of Health Sciences is to provide students with high quality teaching and clinical training programs that not only preserve the authentic wisdom of the traditional Chinese medicine but also bridge the gap between oriental medicine and western medicine. The aim is to prepare students to become qualified and successful independent practitioners of acupuncture and oriental medicine who can serve the communities better.

The educational objectives of Nine Star University of Health Sciences are:

  1. To offer students a comprehensive curriculum in Oriental medicine enabling them to comprehend Oriental medicine theory and competently perform; an Oriental medicine diagnosis, an Acupuncture treatment, Moxibustion, and Cupping; gain a wide breadth in Herbal knowledge and in prescribing Herbal formula; how to apply Tui-na therapy; health preservation (Tai-chi and Qi-Gong); achieve a competent level of knowledge in Western medicine and the ability to integrate these modalities in treating patients within an Oriental Medical clinic setting;
  2. To provide students with an above average clinical experience that provides opportunities to learn and practice the skills and abilities needed to conduct patient intakes, perform physical assessments, render differential diagnoses, and prepare appropriate treatment plans involving both acupuncture point locations, herbal formulas and other modalities as indicated, in an integrated medical environment;
  3. To expose students to the social, economic, ethical, legal and historical contexts within which Oriental medicine is practiced in the United States and how to implement this information within the context of a successful practice;
  4. To engender in its students a compassion for their patients and to instill a desire for lifelong learning and development in Eastern and Western medical arts and sciences;
  5. To promote academic advancement and scholarship in the field of Oriental medicine to students, alumni, and practitioners at large;
  6. To provide high quality health care at an affordable cost to the community in an professional environment provided by competent and skilled clinicians at the Nine Star University internship clinic and off-campus sites;
  7. To actively proved the community with informational programs designed to inform and familiarize the public with the philosophy and practice of Oriental Medicine.