March 1, 2016


The mission of Nine Star University of Health Sciences is to provide a comprehensive curriculum in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (“AOM”) while preserving the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and maintaining the highest standards of education and ethical behavior. The aim is to prepare students to become qualified and successful practitioners of acupuncture and Oriental medicine with a strong sense of community service. Graduates of NSU should be able to:

1. Demonstrate proficiency in the theories and practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, biomedical knowledge, and clinical skills in providing patient-centered care,

2. Demonstrate proficiency in applying Traditional Chinese Medicine principles and theories in clinical medicine, patient assessment and diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and management of various patient conditions;

3. Demonstrate proficiency in case and practice management and display an appropriate level of professional conduct in all interactions and relationships with patients;

4. Demonstrate an appreciation for continuous learning and staying informed of advanced concepts and research in AOM related clinical biomedicine, and effectively share these concepts with other healthcare providers and appropriately apply such concepts in clinical settings;

5. Identify when to make appropriate referrals;

6. Pass NSU’s examinations and appropriate state and national licensing examinations;

7. Demonstrate compassion for patients and a passion to serve the community and the public.