Our University is established based on the rich and genius clinical experiences, successful healing various chronic diseases. This experience and philosophy will be widely applied in our course work and clinical training.Our goal is to cultivate our student's creativity and help them develop proficient skills in diagnosis and healing so they will become successful acupuncturists.

A Message from our President

Philip Yang OMD L.ac

The central mission of Nine Star University of Health Science is the development of human beings and society as a whole through the cultivation and enrichment of the human mind and spirit. The first priority of NSUHS is to promote and provide excellence in education and training in Oriental medicine with respect to disease prevention, life long health and wellness using the body’s natural healing mechanisms. This will be achieved through both Eastern and Western medical paradigms in an environment that is supportive, nurturing and conducive in allowing students to attain their highest level of academic achievement. NSUHS anticipates that the scholarship and collegiality it fosters in its faculty and students will lead them in their later lives to advanced knowledge in Oriental medicine, excellence in research and to provide the highest level of excellence in patient care.

Our Facuilty

NSU has a diverse core faculty who are dedicated, caring, inspiring and knowledgeable instructors from China and the United States. Most are well-recognized professors and each of them is a dedicated educator and experienced licensed practitioner in their own field of expertise. We emphasize the two abilities of the faculty: successful teaching experiences and successful clinical experiences.

Yi Qu, Dipl. OM, L.Ac.

TCM Professor
2001-2004 Master in History and Classics of TCM Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 2006-2009 Assistant Professor in Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China 2009-2011 University of Alabama in Huntsville, AL 2014 L.Ac. , Licensed Acupuncturist , CA 2015 Dipl. O.M (NCCAOM)

Guo Zhi Wan OMD

Acupuncture Professor
M.S., University of Hei Long Liang 1973-1976 Director, University of Hei Long Jiang 1984-1994 Professor, University of Hei Long Jiang 1984-1994 Vice President, Society of Acupuncture, Hei Long JiangChapter 1985-1994 General Secretary, Academy of Scalp Acupuncture, Bei Jiang, China 1978-1994 L.Ac. ,Licensed Acupuncturist , CA 1997

Xiaoping Wang OMD, L.Ac

TCM Professor
B.S., The 1st Hospital of Beijing Medical College, Beiing, China 1974-1975 M.S., Academy of Chinese Culture & Health Sciences, Oakland, CA 1988-1992 Doctor of TCM, South Baylo University, Anaheim, CA 2004-2006 L.Ac. ,Licensed Acupuncturist , CA 2006


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